Schematic for a Genie 353 - 354
Tension Adjustment for the Genie
for now, see the
700 T&S tension adjustment guide
Panel removal - Genie 353 - 354
The Free Stuff
Just a brief note
Am over hauling my own Genie, that was like new inside and out
She's getting a new top vertical gear, wasn't broken, but was subject to failure.
Do Note - it does require removing the top main shaft of the machine
My Genie has the vertical gear molded onto the vertical shaft
Not an easy repair at all for one that has no experience in complete machine tear down
Plus anything else it may need, all of which will be coming to the we start putting it back together
It is completely stripped to a bear frame right now, so a complete over haul guide, and sections of "how to" will be
forthcoming, check back from time to time to see what may have been added.

If you didn't find on my site yet - try Google Search
My Genie
when first received
Gosh - isn't it just a site to behold
My Genie
As of 8/4/08
Down to a bear frame
Repair & Adjustments
Hook to Needle Timing Guide
5 pages on how to time the hook to the needle
Complete instructions with photos
Includes the panel removal guide above in the
free section -
Download Only
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Parts for the Genie
421325-003 - Apollo Bobbin Case
Fits: Genie series 353 - 354
Other known part numbers: 421326
In Stock
Yes Usually ships in 2-3 business days
172336 - 66 Class Plastic Bobbins
Fits: Genie 353 - 354
Pack of 10
In Stock
Yes Usually ships in 2-3 business days
General Purpose Needle Plate
Fits: Genie 353 - 354
In Stock
Yes Usually ships in 2-3 business days
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Straight Stitch Needle Plate
Fits: Genie 353 - 354
In Stock
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Singer Clam Shell Control
Repair Guide
7 Pages with photos, repairing & adjusting, even
if the top lid has come loose, this should help
In Stock
Yes Download Only
I really don't recall when the Genie first made its debut, but do believe the early 70's, perhaps 1972
The 353 was introduced first, followed by the 354 shortly after, making the 353 model somewhat short lived
Again, I really don't recall, and while the schematic provides some help on this, do think the 354 may have an additional pattern added to the machines selections.  The 354 has 4 patterns,
plus the normal straight stitch, for a total of 5 different stitches:
blind hem - multi zigzag/mending - variable zigzag (for a lack of what it really is) & zigzag
Anyway...the Genie was, in my opinion, Singers come back machine answer to the ever renown Featherweight 221
Light weight, completely portable, incorporated with its own carrying case, the perfect come back to a 221
However, the Genie didn't really take off like a 221 Featherweight, and even by today's standards, still do not think the Genie has the popularity of the 221.  Perhaps someday it might, but
I really doubt you will ever see a Genie up for auction on any site for $350 to $500 like the Featherweight 221.
The Genie, properly adjusted, is smooth running, versatile, compact, lightweight, and just overall a fun machine.
Great for travel use like the 221, but offers greater versatility over the 221 due to its built in patterns & stitch offerings.
Just my thoughts & comments on the Genie series machine.  I longed to own one, and now have one in my collection.
445491 - Top Vertical Gear
Genie 353 - 354 Series
Includes the vertical shaft, some Genie's may
have the top gear molded to the shaft
You may opt for the
gear only 445491S, but
will require removing all the old original
gear from the shaft
In Stock
Yes Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Owners Manual - Genie 354
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Owners Manual - Genie 353
Download Only
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