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The links to the upper left provide Singer Sewing Machine Parts, and Repair Tips for:
Stylist Line 457 - 413 - 416 - 418 - 513 - 518 - 533 - 534 - 543 - 538 - 833 - 834 models
Touch & Sew (T&S) 600 - 620's - 630's - 640's
Touch & Sew (T&S) 750 - 756 - 758 - 770 - 775 - 778 - 776 - 774 - 724 and other 700 series
Futura 900 - 920 - 925 - 935 Models, Creative Touch 1030 - 1036 Models & 1411 - 1425 series
Athena 1200 - 2000 and Touch Tronic 2000 - 2005 - 2001 - 2010
Slant-O-Matic 401A - 403 - 404, & The 500A and 503, also known as the "Rocketeer"
Featherweight 221  222 - 301 (not a Featherweight machine, larger & built on the 221 hook system design)
Singer 6233  6234  6235 & other 6200 series
Singer 5800 - 57820C & related series

Update on Make & Models: Have found that a Brother Bicor VX1005  uses Singer Stylist 500 series parts, gears,
bobbin case, and perhaps most other items, worth a mention

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When you place an order, please be sure to add the e-mail address
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I get several returned/bounced e-mails, and folks are not getting updated Invoice responses, nor answer to their e-mail
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Apologies, but I will not respond to e-mail questions like:
> How Much Is My Machine Worth <
> How Do I Sew This <
> What is your opinion about this model versus that model <
> What do you recommend I buy <
Folks...the site is about helping with repairing, not what I think about this that or the other
I offer common parts, and guides, if available, to fix those problems.   
I cater to a specific series and model of machines, if yours is not listed...perhaps I don't know
So please understand, if I do not respond to an e-mail...you asked outside my area of knowledge

Thanks Again For Visiting TNT Repair - Terry
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Singer Sewing Machine Needles
Needle Threader - Jean-A-Ma-Jig - Needles - Bobbins
Products Handy to Have
via PayPal
New Inventory arrived, plus stock a couple gears for the Riccar, bobbin winder gear, and hook drive gear
Will be updating the site over time to make it more mobile user friendly for phones and tablets
The site is old school for a PC really, and I'm not that hip on making it mobile user friendly but will give it a go
Thanks gang for the support given, and I hope to improve you mobile users experience soon

Parts Order Notice - Continued from 2/13/15
Part orders placed from Monday, March 2, 2015 - Friday, March 6, 2015 will not ship until
Monday, March 9, 2015.  I will be away from March 2 - March 6 for follow-up Doctors appointment
Surgery follow-up from January 10, 2014 & accident from December 17, 2013

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 is no longer supported by Yahoo Store systems

Received some 3/32 inch Roll Pin Punches finally to help assist those changing gears in a
600 T&S Series with roll pin upper top vertical gears with roll pins in them
Yes...after 50 years of service, some 600 Series T&S still have original gears and some do have roll pins that hold
the top vertical gear in.  All being switched over to setscrew style gears still to this day

Athena 2000 owners - I found a slick little meter at Sears for about $40.00 that does wonderful
for trouble shooting circuit board problems - auto ranging  mini multimeter 82008
Beats looking for a high end meter and this is great - will post a picture on the Athena page soon

Continuing to upload some Singer & White Owners Manuals
All Manuals Download Now and are $5.00 each

With some system changes to PayPal & the Shopping Cart setup
You should now be able to utilize your credit card at checkout via PayPal without a PayPal account

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Welcome to TNT Repair - My site is different than others, and caters mainly to the older Slant-O-Matic, Touch & Sew, Stylist and Fashion Mate models.  I offer parts, new and 2nd hand, repair guides that I have created as well as those from the factory.  The site also supports the Futura 900 and Athean/Touch Tronic series.  Do hope you find the items you are looking for, and thanks for visiting

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